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    Accounting - Consultancy - Business Forecasting and Budgeting
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    Trust and expertise
    Our key values
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    Progressive changes for progressive business

Trust and professionalism are our key values

Company for Consulting, Accounting and Financial Services NET PROFIT Ltd offers specialized services in the areas of accounting, tax regulation, Controlling and Reporting, such as consulting services in the field of finance. Our clients are all size businesses,  companies and non-profit organizations in various industries. Our portfolio consists of manufacturing,distributor, consulting, freight-forwarding, IT companies for which we provide complete accounting, reporting and administrative services. We also perform accounting services for a non-profit organization specialized in education which has the status of public interest. All of them need a trusted partner that monitors and directs their business activities in order to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations.

With over 18 years of progressive experience in finance, accounting, business planning and management businesses, we perform services for preparation of financial statements, tax balances, statistical reports, the National Bank reports , also we gained experience in registering and running projects funded by foreign donors, respecting the rules and procedures already established for exemption from taxes and import duties in accordance with legal regulations.

Professional team personnel are constantly upgraded with new knowledge and skills that contribute to successful management, growth and development of our partners.