2.1. Tax consultancy

- Consultancy in the area of  personal income tax

- Consultancy in the area of Corporate income tax

- Consultancy in the area of Law on VAT

- Calculation and preparation of declarations for tax returns and tax offsetting

2.2. Due diligence

Due diligence is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a targeted company or its assets prior acquisition. The investors must know what they are buying and, above all, the risks due to past operations.

Company due diligence discloses legal, tax, financial, operative and other risks.

The most common types of due diligence are:
• tax due diligence

• financial due diligence

• legal due diligence

• commercial due diligence

• operative due diligence

• technical due diligence

2.3. Accounting Consultancy

• Consulting on the choice and practical application of accounting policies,

• Consulting on the preparing final account,

• Consulting on bookkeeping,

• Consulting on calculations of production,

• Consulting on organizing accounting and financial functions,

• Consulting for establishment and implementation of internal procedures and rules


2.4.Company registration

We offer full support and services in establishing a new company . We arrange everything needed for company registration: we provide you with all necessary instructions and procedures, we register the company, offer accountancy services for start-up company and full support necessary.

• Drafting of the instrument of incorporation or the contract of shareholders,

• Participation in registration procedures in the relevant institutions,

• Participation in opening a bank account, e-banking and foreign currency account

• Preparation of the application for acquiring a tax number,

Aquaring a stamp.