Accounting services

1.1. General ledger

- Entering daily business transactions in the general ledger

- Daily registering of incoming and outgoing documents and their relevant control

- Keeping record of intangible and tangible assets, accounting in the field of labor costs , material and goods,  shareholders’ deposit records etc.

- Taking care of compliance of transactions with relevant legislation

- Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Management

- Checking the documents against the relevant legislation,

- Tax accounting: entering and supervising transactions into the prescribed tax records, book-keeping in accordance with the relevant legislation on VAT and book-keeping of all other auxiliary books pursuant to applicable tax rules.

1.2. Payroll accounting

- Employee registration and renunciation including the preparation of required forms,

- Consulting services and assistance in drawing-up employment contracts,

- Calculation of employee salaries, copyright contracts, work contracts, preparing MPIN form for transferring gross salaries

- Keeping records on taking annual leave, annual remuneration for vacation

- Preparing annual salaries reports according to local legislation for companies and individuals

- Other employee-related services as requested by Client

1.3. Tax records and calculations

- Keeping all required tax records pursuant to the VAT , preparing VAT calculations and all other calculations pursuant to the Value Added Tax Law,

- Drawing up the calculation of income tax of legal entities and individuals

- Calculation of withholding tax for payments of income to foreign companies in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act, and assistance to clients in using benefits derived from international agreements for avoiding double taxation

Other tax estimates and calculations as required by the client.